The Knanaya Matrimony is assumed to be an extremely unique and distinctive wedding ceremony that is different from any other form of Christian nuptials. The Knanaya Matrimony takes place by following the four main customs – The Othukalyanam, Mylanchi ideel, Chantham Chaarthu, and ending it with the wedding ceremony.

Othukalyanam is the engagement ceremony as per the Knanaya custom, which is presided over by the priest that involved clapping of hands by the paternal uncles of the Knanaya Groom and Bride by beginning the function by lighting the candles on stage that represents a symbol of unity and ending this ceremony with lunch service. On the same night of Mylanchi Ideel scheduled at the bride's place, a similar ceremony named Chantham Charthal takes place at the Knanaya Grooms residence which is accompanied by his family and relatives. The groom is seated on a stool with two younger cousins or siblings beside him

Chantham Charthal is a celebration in which the groom is purified by a ceremonial shave and spreading of oils. Here a barber from town is been called on to the stage to shave the groom's face and smear the oils. After this, the groom is taken for a dress change by his maternal uncles. Later the groom reenters the stage by wearing attractive attire and seated in the middle stool again with his two younger siblings beside him. The sweets are given to the Knanaya Catholic Groom by their maternal uncles. Similar to the Mylanchi function, the traditional ceremonies of the Chantham Charthal are followed by family songs, dances and other entertainment programs. They are also served with exquisite food and other consumption.

On the wedding day, the Knanaya Groom will be dressed in an enticing suit that will give him a charming appearance. When the Knanaya Groom and Bride are the first ones to enter the reception hall, the Knanaya groom's mother greets them with wet blessed palm leaves from Palm Sunday in rice water and makes the sign of the cross on the forehead of both the Knanaya Catholic Groom and Bride.