The Knanaya Matrimony is considered to be an extremely unique wedding ceremony that is different from other forms of Christian nuptials. The Knanaya Matrimony takes place by following the four main customs – The Othukalyanam, Mylanchi ideel, Chantham Chaarthu, and ending it with the wedding ceremony.

Othukalyanam is the engagement ceremony as per the Knanaya custom, where both the Knanaya Bride and groom embark the function by lighting the candles on stage which represents a symbol of unity and ending this ceremony with lunch service. Mylanchi Ideel or Henna Ceremony by smearing of henna on the bride's palms and feet, which usually takes place at the Knanaya bride’s residence. In Knanaya Matrimony, first, a pulpaya(mat) is placed on the stage, along with it a wooden stool is placed on the pulpaya.

Bridesmaid which consists of 10-12 girls is been escorted with the Knanaya Bride on to the stage before the commencement of the Mylanchi ceremony. Later the Knanaya bride will go for a dress change, till then the guests will be entertained by the Maargamkali performance. Then the bride returns in a new stunning dress and is seated on the center stool, fed with sweet rice pudding by her paternal uncles and her elder cousins as it’s a traditional custom that’s been followed. Then the Knanaya Catholic Bride’s eldest uncle ties a special turban around his head, comes forward and holds the brass container to the bride's mouth where she spits out the water after rinsing into another brass container and this procedure must be repeated thrice.

On the day of the wedding the bride is gifted by Mantrakodi by the groom with rosary kept on the holy altar. They tie a Minnu(thali/mangalsutra) which is tied using 21 intertwined threads that symbolizes the eternality of relationship. Later the Mantrakodi is taken and placed on the head of the bride which is the traditional way of Knanaya Catholic wedding that signifies companionship and protection throughout their life. Manthrakodi is preserved very carefully and worn only on very few occasions.