Traditions in
Knanaya Matrimony


The Knanaya Matrimony is extremely unique and very special with customs. These Knanaya Matrimony are very different from wedding ceremonies of other Christian sects. For Kerala Knanaya Matrimony there are mainly four customs; the Othukalyanam, MylanchiIdeel, ChanthamChaarthu, and the Wedding Ceremony.


The ceremony conducted as a part of Kerala Knanaya Matrimony is Othukalyanam. This is the engagement ceremony, in which the Knanaya Bride and Knanaya Groom publicly express their commitment and willingness to live together as husband and wife. The main ceremony of Othukalyanam which is presided over by the priest will generally take place in any church. The Knanaya Matrimony is then followed by a grand reception at Auditorium/Halls. The relatives and friends of the couple will gather here to share their happiness and agreement for marriage.


MylanchiIdeelis an important part of the Knanaya Wedding. The ceremony is conducted in Knanaya Bride’s home and it stands for the beautification of the bride. The custom includes the spreading of henna on the bride’s palms and feet.

In this Knanaya matrimony ceremony, first, a mat called pulpayais placed as a representation of the stage. Then three stools are arranged, one to place henna, and two to sit for Knanaya bride and her ‘avakashi’ or parental relative who assistances with the application of henna. A ‘Kuthuvilakku’ will be placed near the bride’s stool wishing prosperity in future life. Then the parental relatives of the bride seek permission from the guest thrice to give ‘Maduram’ or sweet to the bride. Normally, during this Knanaya Matrimony celebration, the Knanaya brides are served with ‘paachoru’ for the ceremony. The day will be well celebrated with Margamkali, dance and other attractive programs arranged by Knanaya bride’s family and friend.


ChanthanChaarthuis a similar Knanaya Matrimony ceremony conducted in Knanaya grooms home. The intention of the ceremony is the beautification of the groom. The Knanaya groom will be given a ceremonial shave or haircut by the barber. The barber seeks permission thrice from the guest before the ceremony starts. The ‘Maduram’ or Sweet, will also be provided to the Knanaya groom by close relatives and friends, similar to that of ceremony in the bride's home.


The wedding ceremony is the core of the Knanaya Matrimony. The ceremony includes Thalikettu, Kaipidutham and all other core customs of Knanaya matrimony. The day calls for a grand celebration and a wonderful reception to treat friends and relatives.